SEO Basics

As you can imagine once you have sites showing up in top positions for highly competitive keywords your efforts tend to get a lot of attention. Not only for the page or site that is getting displayed in the search engines, but from people who want to know what you did to get it there.

Some webmasters place some script on their pages to prevent people from viewing the source code in an effort to hide their SEO work. In my experience the sites I have come across that do that are generally doing something underhanded to achieve their results. There really isn’t much point in hiding our source code as it only keeps the people out who don’t know how to work around that little trick.

Myself, I say let them look because generally it is the basics that will get you the best, long term results in organic searches. Sure you could get to the top of the search engines by employing some simple tricks but, how long will the site remain at the top before it gets caught and removed from the search engines? Then what, buy another throw away domain and start all over again? Knock yourself out, waste your time and resources by repeating this process again and again.

What are some of the SEO basics then you may be asking? That’s easy and not something I would ever hide from anybody.

Research your own page and figure out what is the best title, is it something that people might actually use in a search query?

Write a meaningful description for your site and keep the focus of that description centered on what the page is actually about.

Only add keywords that are actually on your page, don’t add words that are not on the topic of your page.

Use some of your most important keywords as headings in your copy. Don’t go overboard; use them in a natural fashion.

Use fewer graphics and more text as links in your menu.

For the graphics that you do use, only use ALT tags to accurately describe what the graphic is about. If you can add some of your keywords into the ALT tag in a natural way. If you can’t then don’t bother adding them.

Take the time to make a site map for your site. Doing this will allow the search engine to find all of the pages that make up your site.

That’s it for now. I will write a more detailed entry on some of the more advanced SEO techniques in the near future so come back and look for it later. Have a great weekend.