Site Analysis

Website Analysis

Knowing how your site is built, what operating system it’s hosted on, understanding the amount of traffic you are getting and where that traffic came from are some of the core issues you should be concerned about when considering your website. Other key issues such as what are your best referring keywords, where your inbound links are coming from and how many you have, and how you can make changes to your existing site to help optimize your traffic.

Anyone who designs and builds websites, creates and executes marketing and communication campaigns, or just simply has a small newsletter knows that the user experience is critical to any success. Optimizing that process is therefore critical to your success.

Come talk to Big Juice Media and we’ll help you access and understand all the Web Analysis terms below:

• Traffic Trend Analysis
• Referring Keywords
• Recent Visitor Locations
• Recent Visitor Map
• User Profile Data
• Actions & Goals
• Inbound Link Monitoring
• Google Page Rank Tracking
• Alexa Rank Tracking
• Keyword Research
• Keyword Position Tracking
• Public Webstats
• Page Optimizer Tool
• Keyword Density Tool