Social Media

Social Media usage is increasing at an exponential rate as more and more people come to understand the omnibus connectivity social networks provide. And now savvy companies are following suit, looking for ways to expand their audience reach and increase sales by accessing and using these same social networks.

So no longer can an online company be successfully using just SEO and SEM-focused strategies. You now need to include social media strategies in your overall media mix to help drive traffic and create ongoing sales.

Similar to SEO, the monetary investment of social media can be minimal if you understand its complexities. But there is always the ongoing cost of time, your time. And this can become onerous if you are not focused and understand how to get the best yield for you time.
But once you have created a proper social presence by building a solid base of followers, your ability to create direct traffic and in the long run sales, is at your fingertips.

Regardless of how large or small you are, you simply can’t ignore the proliferation of social media; you need to make it a part of your overall strategy – today!

Top 10 Social Media Ideas:

1. Make Video Part of Your Social Media Strategy
2. Use Social Media as part of your Overall SEO Strategy
3. Use Social Media Apps for Your Smart Phone
4. Become Active on Social Bookmarking Sites
5. Add Social Media Profile Links in all areas of our business
6. Become a Media Company
7. Monitor Mentions of Your Company
8. Listen to your Key Stakeholders
9. Use a Social Bookmark Aggregator on your Blog
10. Develop a Reputation Management Program

Using social media doesn’t mean just being on Facebook and Twitter; however, those are a good way to start. And when you do start, don’t just lurk around. Make sure you friend, follow, participate, and share. Also, look to encourage others in your organization to do the same.

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