Search Engine Submissions

A common question I am asked is, “How do I get sites into the search engines so quickly?” My answer is always the same… “Pay me and I will show you!” Well that’s not true but my answer is always the same anyways.

The way to get your website indexed by the search engines really quickly is to place a link for the new site on the main page to a site that you know the search engines have already indexed. Before placing that link you need to know when the last time the site you are placing your link on was indexed by the search engines. Find the page where you’re going to place this link in Google and then look for the cached link. Click on that link and look for the date that it was last crawled. Keep in mind that Google crawls pages at about a 3 week interval. Time the inclusion of the link to the new site for a few days before the previously crawled site is due to be crawled once again. After the site has been spidered again your new site will have been flagged for a crawling of its own and the new site is now in Google.

The same method can be applied to MSN search as well although MSN spiders are on a much slower rotation which is to say, MSN spiders indexes sites every 3 to 4 months. Yahoo on the other hand does not display date stamps on caching so it is a little more hit and miss as to when they will be back to cache a site again.

To be on the safe side plan to have the link to the new site on the previously indexed site for about 3 months just to make sure your new site gets picked up by the engines.

Let’s say that you do not have a site that has been previously crawled, what do you do then? That’s easy, do a search in any engine for sites that sell links on their home page. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this as you don’t need to have a site with a very high PR (page rank). All you need to be sure of is that the site has been indexed by the engines prior to buying that link. Prepare to purchase a 3 month link placement for about $10.00 per month for a grand total of about $30.00.

Of course you could just use the “submit a site” system that some of the engines offer for free but, these methods can take a very long time, depending upon the engine. Good luck with your new site.