Move over Google – Quintura is here!

There has been a lot of talk about latent semantic indexing but that is all there has been – talk. Then along comes Not only does deal with latent semantic indexing but it also shows us how it works.

Go to the site and enter a single search word for any topic you like and watch how it offers many other topics on that search term. Place your mouse over one of the optional keywords that appear that interests you and then watch how it will further offer more options based upon the relationship between the other words. Once you have your cursor placed over any particular keyword, look at the result listings below to see if it offered the most appropriate website to your topic.

Now this system isn’t perfect but it is an exciting beginning for where search technology is going. The search engines we use today are generally based upon mechanical search whereas is based upon contextual search.

What is Contextual search? In effect, with contextual search, all relevant text and other data is automatically categorized and set in context. With mechanical search names of people, names of places, dates, prices and other related topics to the original keyword query are potentially lost to the searcher unless specifically identified within the original search query; now, they are related facts waiting to be exploited from within contextual search results.

The future of search is changing and I say that change is for the better and it is about time.