Link Building

Link building has become an important element in many search engine marketing campaigns. In what now seems like the old days of SEM, link building was the fastest way to build link popularity. A new website could simply go out and buy hundreds of links to their new site and boom… instant results. These days it isn’t so simple. New sites need to slowly build links over time. Too many links too quickly and before you know it Google applies an aging delay penalty to your website and your website must wait for those links to mature.

So what is the answer? That’s easy… don’t build too many links too quickly. I would recommend no more than 5 completed links a day. This may take a little while longer but what the heck, better safe than sorry. Given enough time, any site can achieve top ranking for any keywords. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Take a year and devote a little time everyday to establishing links to your site and before you know it, your site will be ranking for your targeted keywords.