Google Products & Waiting Lists

Well Google rolled out yet another free product that you can’t sign up for. What is it with this company and their free services offers that you have to join a waiting list to sign up for? I mean they have to know that given the level of exposure that their service receives that they are going to have overwhelming responses immediately. Is it just me or does these tactics seem a little lame?

I never bothered with Gmail or Picasa seeing as I already had these types of services by other vendors. Yes, I use Blogger but I can’t recall how long ago I got it. I got the Site Map system without too much hassle and the Google Analytics set up on 3 sites prior to them shutting that one down due to overwhelming volume.

The latest service they have is called Writely. Writely is a browser based word processor that offers the ability to share documents instantly & collaborate in real-time. Seems like a good idea and worth checking out but hey guess what… you can’t because the system is overwhelmed again and won’t allow for any new sign ups.

You would have thought that the good and smart people at Google would have known ahead of time that this was going to happen – again and prepared for this eventuality. So once again I have asked to be notified when the service will be taking sign ups again so I can try this new novel idea out.

Hold it a second… come to think of it this new service kind of reminds me of an old Net Meeting feature called Whiteboard that has been integrated with Program Sharing. I suppose I won’t know for sure until Writely moves to a server that can handle the volume of users that Google brings or is it because Google is trying to figure out a way to stuff the program with Google ads?