Google and New Sites

OK – so you got an idea for a new business venture that would be perfect for an online web business. You have researched it, came up with a great design and the perfect domain name is available. Next you go out and hire a firm to apply some search engine optimization so your site will place highly in the search engines. Again, being a thorough person you do some research on the search engines themselves and discover that Google is used by about 85% of people who do searches on the Internet. You definitely want to be in that search engine! During your research you discover that Google automatically applies a penalty to new websites, what do you do?

The first thing you should do is don’t worry about it. Although Google does apply this penalty to new websites, you should just keep moving forward with your plan and let Google come along when Google is good and ready to decide to include themselves in your plans. What you should be more concerned about is optimizing your site so that it ranks well in the other search engines.

You see there are certain things you can do to your site that will work better in MSN and others for better placement in Yahoo. Any decent search engine optimization firm will already know these techniques and can easily guide you down the right path.

Way too much emphasis is placed on the importance of Google placement. While it is true that they are the number one search engine for finding sites and information but, how long can this trend last? Historically, people tend to try and bring down the mega successful. I am not sure if it is a jealousy thing but it has been going on for a very long time.

Think about it, the most recent evidence of this tendency is actually still going on today. Microsoft is a mega successful business that people have been trying to bring down for a very long time now. Not only have competitive businesses been trying to bring it down but so have governments. Why do you suppose that is?

In the beginning everybody loved Microsoft as their software products made our businesses more efficient, our Internet communications faster and our personal computing more entertaining. If these things are true in any way, why should we be trying to bring down a company that has for all intents and purposes, made our lives easier? In my opinion it is because of their success. That level of success separates us from the potential inscrutable power they wield.

Google is quickly falling into that category as well. Google now sits in a very powerful position whereas they can directly affect businesses simply by including or excluding them in their databases. If it were just businesses that Google could affect, well, that would be one thing but it is also informational sites and more that Google affects. When Google applies their algorithms to filter out certain criteria wouldn’t that filtering be considered to be a form of censorship? If the American government tried to apply that level of censorship the American populace would undoubtedly mount a protest quite quickly.

It is only a matter of time before businesses and people start to tire of Google’s successes and start questioning their policies on censorship among other things. So don’t worry when Google sticks your new site into their sandbox because when they do this, all they are really doing is further alienating the medium they developed their system to serve. Besides, you have optimized your site for better placement in MSN and Yahoo while you wait for Google to get over itself and once again serve its original purpose.