Google Analytics Part Two

Google went public with their new Analytics program and after about 1 week the system seems to have stalled. Some 200,000+ Analytics accounts were created with possibly over 200,000 additional profiles added to those, Google has went from tracking zero to almost half a million in their first week. Apparently this has overloaded the system and they are no longer accepting any new sites or allowing current account holders to add any more profiles.

If you haven’t gotten your account set up yet just be patient as this beleaguered analytic program should be up and running again very soon. While the down time may be creating some bad reviews of the system I would suggest that you give it a little more time before you buy into anybody’s review of the new, free system.

Myself I was able to get a couple of accounts signed up almost right away. I have to tell you that once the system is able to cope with the huge demand of resources required to operate the Google Analytics program, it should be another Google success story. Although the preliminary reporting has been a bit dodgy at first, I for one am willing to wait to see how it all turns out. If you are interested in this program I would suggest waiting a few weeks before even trying to sign up.