Back Link Verification

Yes I know… beating a dead horse here. Sorry about making another entry in the blog on linking. I am still working my way through the first site (4 days so far) and I am still averaging about 30% in honored back links.

Now I understand that over a period of time some of those back links are going to become dead or in active due to changes to site, the site going down etc. but really – 70%! A high percentage of these sites are doing this by design or purpose. Trading links with sites whose sole purpose is to promote something; you have to go into it knowing that it isn’t a quality trade and expect these links to go dead in a short period of time. These ones are not the problem.

The ones that bother me the most are the sites by supposedly reputable Search Engine Optimization companies. I am not going to list any names or URLs here but these people should know better. Not only is it a problem trading links with some of the SEO sites but it is also a problem that they pass on to their client sites. Now whenever I get a link trading request I am going to be looking to see which company is providing the service and if that SEO Company is on my list I will NOT be responding.

The bottom line here folks is this – verify your back links and do it frequently!