About Big Juice Media

Big Juice Media is a leading, full service media agency that makes sports betting its business. We were created to service sportsbooks, sports information portals, handicapping firms, odds providers and other businesses looking for growth in the ever expanding sports wagering industry.

Key Personnel:

Greg Taylor – President

Greg has worked in the online sports betting industry since 1997, developing and executing various marketing and communications programs with some of the largest online sportsbooks such as Bodog, Bet365, Nine, betED, BetOnline, Sportingbet and Legendz. Over the past five years, Big Juice Media has added the Search Marketing channel for both online gambling and fantasy sports.

Les Romhanyi – Director of Search

Les has optimized websites for search engines before it was even called Search Engine Optimization, going back to 1995 while working on the Net Sheppard project. Since then, he has provided SEO services to the online adult, real estate and pharmaceutical verticals, as well as online gambling.

We help our clients:
* Buy and manage their advertising campaigns
* Identify new channels for acquiring sports wagering customers
* Drive new prospects to your various gambling products
* Lower CPA while increasing customer value
* Build long term relationships with their customers
* Generate a greater return on their marketing budget
* Build software for various lead generation & retention campaigns