Google Analytics Part Two

Google went public with their new Analytics program and after about 1 week the system seems to have stalled. Some 200,000+ Analytics accounts were created with possibly […]

Google Analytics

Google has come out with another great new tool and it is free. I am talking about the Google Web Analytics program. This powerful tracking tool offers […]

Hyphens and Domains

  • November 14, 2005
  • SEO
  • admin

A few weeks ago I wanted to run a test on how the various search engines reacted to site architecture styles. Not knowing how the engines would […]

To Blog or Not To Blog

For any of you who have been reading my Sportsbook SEO Blog I am sorry for not being able to add anything for the past couple of […]

Keywords Meta Tag

It seems like ages ago now but when you think about it it really wasn’t that long ago that the Keywords Meta Tag was an important element […]

MSN Search and You.

As you may or may not know I have been providing SEO services for quite some time now. Although my main focus these days is in the […]